Establishment of Sheikh Hasina University Reporting Contract Award for Lot-01

1. Ministry/Division Ministry of Education
2. Agency Sheikh Hasina University, Netrokona
3. Procuring Entity Name Prof. Dr. Rafique Ullah Khan, Vice-Chancellor, Sheikh Hasina University, Netrokona
and Project Director, Establishment of Sheikh Hasina University, Netrokona
4. Procuring Entity Code Not used at present
5. Procuring Entity District Netrokona
6. Contract Award for Services
7. Invitation/Proposal Reference No.  (007) SHU/Project/2018-19/RFP/01
8. Procurement Method Quality and Cost Based Selection (QCBS)
9. Budget and Source of Funds Development
10. Development Partner (if applicable) N/A
11. Project/Programme Code (if applicable) 224264000
12. Project/Programme Name (if applicable) Establishment of Sheikh Hasina University, Netrokona
13. Tender/Proposal Package No. WD12 & WD13
14. Tender/Proposal Package Name Consultancy Service (Digital Survey, Architectural Drawing, Design & Supervision) & Master Plan and 3D Animation
15. Date of Advertisement (dd/mm/yyyy) 07/03/2019
16. Date of Notification of Award (dd/mm/yyyy) 24/12/2019
17. Date of Contract Signing (dd/mm/yyyy) 28/12/2019
18. Proposed Date of Contract Completion 31/12/2021
19. No. of Tenders / Proposals Sold N/A
20. No. of Tenders / Proposals Received 19
21. No. of Responsive Tenders / Proposals Short Listed 7, RFP Received 3, Technically Responsive 2
22. Brief Description of Contract Lot-01: Design & Consultancy Service for (1)  Feasibility Study, Financial Analysis, EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) & IEE (Initial Environmental Examination) Report (2) Preparation of Digital topographical Survey & Master Plan with 3D Animation, (3) Land Development, (4) Boundary wall with retaining wall, (5) Installation of Deep Tube well, Under Ground reservoir, Pump House and water distribution line etc., (6) Master Drain, Cannel, Retaining Wall, Guide wall & Protection Block (7) Excavation of internal lake, (8) Construction of RCC (Reinforced Cement Concrete) internal Road (9) Excavation of Ring Road, (10) Construction of RCC Road for Flood Protection (11) Construction of RCC Bridge etc.
23. Contract Value 39956740.00 BDT
24. Name of Supplier / Contractor / Consultant Development Design Consultants Ltd.
25. Location of Supplier / Contractor / Consultant House # 47, Mohakhali Commercial Area, Dhaka-1212.
26. Location of Delivery/Works/Consultancy Netrokona
27. Is the Contract Signed with the same person stated in the NOA ? No
28. If No give reason why Contract Signed with the Authorised Representative on behalf of the Managing Director of the Consultanting Firm
29. Was the Performance Security provided  in due time ? Yes
30. If No give reason why  
31. Was the Contract Signed in due time ? Yes
32. If No give reason why  
33. Name of Authorised Officer Prof. Dr. Rafique Ullah Khan
34. Designation of Authorised Officer Vice-Chancellor, Sheikh Hasina University, Netrokona and Project Director, Establishment of Sheikh Hasina University, Netrokona